A process of personal and professional transformation

The Coaching Ways Spain programs are specially designed to encourage the active listening and learn the art of questioning.

The vision of Coaching Ways Spain

A process of transformation

The Coaching Ways Spain program was created to be experienced as a transformation process. especially for the active listening and for the learning art of questioning. In this context, our students will be taught a number of professional tools, some of which were created specifically by the founder of our school.

We apply a pedagogical program

Our pedagogical programs make possible to integrate the activity of the coach (life coach, company coach) in their «know to be» and «know-how» at individual and collective level. The uniqueness of our teaching is based on a mix of practice and theory that allows learning and anchoring this new attitude in an innovative and efficient way.

Anchoring of values

Beyond the professionalism that we impart in all our activities, our school is recognized for anchoring the values of humility, responsibility, transparency and ethics.

These values are reflected in the group’s dynamics that are very present throughout our training courses, a continuous approach that leads participants to live a collective experience in sociocracy.

We invite you to attend one of our open-door sessions or to connect to our webinars so that you can learn more about our programs and we can clarify your doubts. And if you have already made the decision to become a professional coach, visit our courses to find the one that best suits your needs.


Why choose Coaching Ways

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Collective Coaching

ENCOURAGE the team's coaching actions by integrating the process of integration of the individual in a group; the maturity of the group and its evolution from "collections of individuals" to "team"; the cohesion between team members and coherence of actions.

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