Project Description

Professional coaching training: integrate the fundamentals of psychotherapy in your practice.

Are you a professional coach or a companion and want to get to know yourself better to improve your relationship with the other?

The “Coaching & Psychotherapy” training allows you to integrate in 6 days the bases of psychotherapy and psychopathology in your coaching practices or in any other accompaniment profession. At the end of the training, you will be able to clearly identify the border between therapy and coaching, knowing yourself better, gaining assertiveness and otherness, avoiding the traps of transfers, countertransferences and projections. You will gain confidence, you will be more aware of your resources and your limits. You will be able to better identify the possible personality disorders of the people you accompany; burnout perverts, narcissists, depressives, etc.…, you will be more serene to welcome them, listen to them and accompany them at the appropriate distance, with respect for yourself and the other. Finally, and if it is necessary, you will not hesitate to redirect your patients and / or customers to other professionals.

Who should attend this course?

Training in “Coaching and Psychotherapy” does not require previous knowledge. It is intended for anyone who wishes to integrate the fundamentals of psychotherapy into their professional practices:

  • Life coach, company coach, school coach, image coach, weight loss coach, etc.
  • Kinesiologist, sophrologist, naturopath, reflexologist, educator, osteopath, etc.

It is also aimed at any professional who accompanies their customers and / or patients towards objectives related to:

  • Management of stress at work, time management and priorities
  • Self-knowledge (values, desires, needs, motivations, talents …) and self-confidence.
  • Relationship with others, communication, assertiveness.
  • Self-esteem and self-image, relationship with the body, with the silhouette.
  • Acceptance of evils and awareness of the opportunities they offer, etc.

Goals of the course:

  • Develop personally, get to know yourself better and identify your own limits, gain trust and legitimacy in professional practice.
  • Improve the relationship with the other, listening and communication, avoiding the pitfalls of transference, countertransference and projection.
  • Integrate the fundamentals of psychotherapy and psychopathology.
  • Understand the different stages from psychosis to neurosis, to better identify certain personality profiles such as perverts, narcissists, manic-depressives, professionally burned, etc.

Strenghts of the course:

  • The integration in the training of the two sides of personal development: coaching and psychotherapy.
  • An innovative and active pedagogy, oriented to the field and directly applicable to their practices.
  • A trainer with experience in both coaching and psychotherapy.
  • Basic knowledge in psychopathology will allow you to detect, as soon as possible, certain disorders (obsessive-compulsive, depressive, burn-out, narcissistic perverts, etc.) and have the right reflexes to act or refer to another professional.
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